About Us

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Shiksha Power is a unique initiative in the field of education that aims to go beyond academics to delve into the true power education can grant an individual and the community. With a focus on creating original content and programmes especially for the Indian audience, Shiksha Power is unlike any other organisation in the industry.

All of us want to see our country at the top. We all want India to be a superpower. We too at Shiksha Power dream of India being the best she can be. We see her as a superpower in education; not in the traditional sense, but in a vibrant innovative way where she stands for all that is excellent in the field of education. We are not looking at the number of universities and schools that she has but at the kind of education that our children and youth can avail of. And we are not prepared to just dream about it. We are doing our own bit to make it happen. We are a group of professionals who are passionate about people realizing the true power of education. Our mission is to empower people through education.

Visit our website to know more.

  1. its a great initiative and am very inspired by the thought as I can relate to this. yes one can never underestimate the great power and influence of education and the paradigm shift it brings about

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