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Take Your Higher Studies Seriously

Our society looks at education as a passport to upward mobility and a better lifestyle. A parent, while discussing his child’s studies, said, “I don’t want my son to face the same hardships that I had to and to make it possible, I will try to give him the best education possible.”

But it remains only a dream for many families. Not because they lack access or resources, but mainly because they make wrong choices! Many students realize they have opted for the wrong course only after they start studying. They complete the course and later pursue some other course, wasting few precious years of their lives.

It is astonishing that though we rate education so highly, we are so careless about selecting a course, which may greatly impact our future endeavours. The two most obvious choices are either engineering or medicine, and the only basis for selecting them is that they offer high-paying jobs. Aptitude, interest, intellectual capacity is paid no heed at all.

We don’t understand that higher education needs to be planned. We should be clear about what course we want to pursue, which college we want to take admission in, and on what basis we make these choices. Most parents and students are clueless about what they want to do till the time results are out. Then they are left with very less time to explore. This results in taking admission to the safest courses. Safest courses are the ones which most of the students opt for, like engineering or medicine, or something that a family member or a relative is pursuing (e.g. if the father is a lawyer, chances are the child will also take up law) or the peers are taking admission to.

The biggest mistake that students make is that they don’t follow their interests. Most of the time, they can’t only recognize what their interests are. One of my friends was pursuing B.Sc., but later realised that she did not like it. She likes to read, write, sketch and is a bit creative in the usual sense of the word. Hence, later she shifted to BMM after wasting one year in Science. But most of the people are not so daring. They stick to the course even if they realize that it’s not for them.

Parents and students both need to be sensitized about how they make career choices. Students need to find out what they want to do in life and where their passion lies. It will avoid disappointments and resentments later in life.